Watch Entertainment
And Get Rewarded

Enjoy premium video content for free,
and see a return on your time and data

Discover great movies, music videos, sports, gaming and more

Social Entertainment
On The Blockchain

Get tokens to watch content online,
share your pictures and your video moments

Discover great movies, music videos, sports, gaming and more
For brands

TaTaTu will only supply premium video content, providing a new, safe environment for brands. With our blockchain technology platform, we are able to fully validate the identity of our users and certify 100% of our video views.

For users

TaTaTu is the only platform that rewards users for watching premium content and shares advertising revenue in a way that is fair and transparent.


Tv shows

Music videos





The Problem
& The Solution

The Problem

Users Lose Time and Privacy
People are not being rewarded for the data they hand over – while the receiving platforms monetize it freely.
Existing Solutions Are Not Working for Brands
Brands can find themselves alongside illegal or unsafe content on Facebook and YouTube.
Content Creators Go Unrewarded
Influential bloggers and content creators earn little from their social reach and user numbers. In order to monetize their work, they have to reach out to brands for payment.
There is a Lack of Transparency
Users, brands and content suppliers have no clear idea about how to monetize their output on an array of social channels.

The Solution

Viewers Earn Tokens from Watching Content
We reward users for enjoying films, music and games – they gain by participating on the platform.
The TaTaTu platform will be monitored and ringfenced to ensure brands are comfortable and secure in their placement.
Strong incentives for content creators and suppliers
The more content an individual or organisation brings to the platform, the more revenue they earn.
Fair and transparent system
Our blockchain solution provides full transparency on exactly how content generates revenue for all parties.

Our Vision

TaTaTu is a revolution in content, putting users, advertisers and content providers on an equal footing.

We won’t exploit our users. We will partner with them.


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