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TaTaTu will only supply premium video content, providing a new, safe environment for brands. With our blockchain technology platform, we are able to fully validate the identity of our users and certify 100% of our video views.



TaTaTu is the only platform that rewards users for watching premium content and shares advertising revenue in a way that is fair and transparent.



TaTaTu will directly share revenue with content providers and ensure a high CPM to help them monetize their work.


Tv shows

Music videos


Celebrity moments


Why TaTaTu

Celebrity involvement

Social Media Influencers

More than 30 of the world’s biggest influencers are ready to start sharing their video moments with us on TaTaTu.

Backed by the industry

Backed by the industry

Over 10,000 hours of movies and TV shows from the world’s top content providers.

Powered by the Blockchain

Powered by the Blockchain

Sharing revenue between the content producer and content viewer in a completely transparent manner.

Demanded by brands

Demanded by brands

Content platforms have become unsafe for brands. TaTaTu will only stream pre-approved, premium content.

Giving the power back to the audience

Giving the power back to the audience

TaTaTu is the right alternative to other media platforms, handing control to the people who matter: the users.

The best CPM in the market

The best CPM in the market

A dedicated programmatic exchange and team of industry experts at TaTaTu will guarantee the highest CPM available.

The Problem
& The Solution

The Problem

Users Lose Time and Privacy
People are not being rewarded for the data they hand over – while the receiving platforms monetize it freely.
Existing Solutions Are Not Working for Brands
Brands can find themselves alongside illegal or unsafe content on Facebook and YouTube.
Content Creators Go Unrewarded
Influential bloggers and content creators earn little from their social reach and user numbers. In order to monetize their work, they have to reach out to brands for payment.
There is a Lack of Transparency
Users, brands and content suppliers have no clear idea about how to monetize their output on an array of social channels.

The Solution

Viewers Earn Tokens from Watching Content
We reward users for enjoying films, music and games – they gain by participating on the platform.
The TaTaTu platform will be monitored and ringfenced to ensure brands are comfortable and secure in their placement.
Strong incentives for content creators and suppliers
The more content an individual or organisation brings to the platform, the more revenue they earn.
Fair and transparent system
Our blockchain solution provides full transparency on exactly how content generates revenue for all parties.

Our Vision

The era of big Silicon Valley media companies monetizing your free time is finally over.

TaTaTu is a revolution in content, putting users, advertisers and content providers on an equal footing.

We won’t exploit our users. We will partner with them.

Our social entertainment platform rewards people for their content consumption. A specially designed blockchain platform will ensure instant transactions between all parties.

We’re offering an amazing collection of premium movies, music, gaming, sport and video moments. But more than that, we’re the first in history that will pay users to watch, listen and play all of this.

One platform, lots of content.

Our Roadmap begins here: with 50 new movies, 1,000 videos and 50,000 music videos every year,


The TaTaTu token will become the unique currency for the entertainment industry. Some of the industry’s most notable players will soon be accepting TaTaTu tokens as a means of payment.

One industry. One token.

Team and Advisors

Andrea Iervolino <br/><span>Founder</span>

Andrea Iervolino

Launching a tech business at the age of 13, Andrea produced his first movie just two years later, at 15. Today, at the age of 30, he finances and distributes over 500 movies. These include major hits and popular cult movies such as Rush, Apocalypto, Sliding Doors, The Passion of Christ, Memento and many more. Andrea was nominated for 'Best Producer' at the Venice Film Festival, along with James Franco and Al Pacino, and has been named a 'Producer to Watch' by Variety Magazine.

Jonathan Pullinger <br/><span>CTO</span>

Jonathan Pullinger

Jon, started working in the Bitcoin space late 2012, developing crypto mining softwares and building mining rigs. Since then he worked on several Blockchain projects, including Ethereum smart contracts (ERC-20 tokens and other solidity based solutions), Hyperledger, Fabric, Waves Platform and lightning nodes.

Marcello Mari <br/><span>Head of Blockchain </span><br/><span class="em"> Public Relations </span>

Marcello Mari
Head of Blockchain
Public Relations

Marcello started his journey into blockchain and crypto with SingularityNET where he was Head of Public Relations. Prior to that he freelanced for some of the most notable tech publications in the world and served as head of marketing and communications for mutliple tech projects. He also advises NapoleonX ICO for their marketing and comunication needs.

James Aufenast <br/><span class="em">Head of Marketing</span>

James Aufenast
Head of Marketing

Head of Content at London digital agency TMW, managing Unilever, Sony, Vodafone, Diageo and Nissan Europe among many other clients in content, social and customer acquisition programmes. James has also worked for national newspapers to The Observer and The Independent.

Anthony McGuire<br/><span>Head of Advertising</span><br/><span class="em"> Partnership</span>

Anthony McGuire
Head of Advertising

Part of the Global Partnerships team at Facebook in both New York and London, managing advertisers including Procter & Gamble, Heineken, American Express, and General Motors. Prior to Facebook he worked at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.

Ed McCulloch <br/><span class="em">Head of Platform</span>

Ed McCulloch
Head of Platform

Product Lead and Project Consultant for AKQA, Huge, Starcom MediaVest, Momentum Worldwide, TMW and the BBC. Ed’s clients clients have included Microsoft/Xbox, Sony Mobile, Nissan, Diageo, HSBC, Lloyds of London and Unilever. Ed has delivered award winning digital products for FMCG market leaders.

Hans Hagman<br/><span>Head of Programming and Content</span>

Hans Hagman
Head of Programming and Content

International content acquisition strategy expert specialising in programming of film, music, editorial, acquisitions and channel strategy within linear, broadcast and VOD media. Hans is the former Programme Director for Viasat Film channels and VP Music Programming for MTV Networks International.

Mario Alberto Casiraghi <br/><span>Financial Strategy</span><br/><span class="em"> and Investor Relations</span>

Mario Alberto Casiraghi
Financial Strategy
and Investor Relations

Experience at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, RBS and Cairn Capital, specialising in corporate finance, helping major clients raise funds via fixed income products. Holds a BA in Economics from Bocconi University and MSc in Management and Finance from ESCP Europe Business School.

Ivan Granito<br/><span>Economist and Risk Manager</span>

Ivan Granito
Economist and Risk Manager

Ph.D. in Actuarial Science, ICO Risk manager and economist for two blockchain startups to be disclosed in 2018. Risk management consultant for several top 10 insurance groups.

Tom Ara

Tom Ara

Entertainment and Media Attorneys Greenberg Traurig.

Denis Dembia

Denis Dembia

Head of PR Entertainment Rogers and Cowan.

Kelly Ng

Kelly Ng

Legal Advisor KPMG.

Justin Kutyan

Justin Kutyan

Legal Advisor KPMG.


A True Utility

The TaTaTu Token will be the only way for advertisers to buy ads on the TaTaTu platform. Thanks to this, advertisers, user and content suppliers will have full transparency over the entire flow of revenue.

A Universal Token

The TaTaTu token will be used in the production of movies, the financing and ticketing of events and much more. The blockchain behind TaTaTu will bring greater efficiency to the entertainment sector.


What is TaTaTu?

TaTaTu means movies, sports, music, gaming and video moments all in one place, all on one platform. 

Why blockchain?

Now is the time to bring accountability back into the equation. TaTaTu will deliver transparency for the entertainment industry.

Why us?

The project is being spearheaded by Andrea Iervolino, who has worked in the movie industry for over 15 years and runs his own Hollywood-based distribution company. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide the right content solutions and deliver ultimate success.


Phase 1

May 2018:
Platform launches with a Video on Demand facility. Users will also be able to create their own profile, to invite friends and see their virtual balance. Early users will be rewarded with a token bonus.

Phase 2

June 2018:
Programmatic advertising is plugged into the platform.

Phase 3

July 2018:
Influencers and pre-approved content creators will be able to create a profile and upload content.

Phase 4

Nov. 2018:
Smart contract integration arrives, along with simple social experience of posting content – commenting and sharing.

Phase 5

Mar 2019:
Wallet integration with the blockchain as well as encrypted messaging, voice and video call functionalities. Full social experience – commenting, sharing and buying advertising.